Happy Dance!

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A bunch of my music just became available on iTunes today. Check out:

Honest Engine – Combustion and Overhaul
Mr. Sunshine – Estranged
Points West – Tumble Down

It is just back catalog stuff right now, but new stuff is forthcoming. If ya dig it, write a review! If ya hate it, move along…  Oh yeah, you can like us on Facebook too!


Trying out Tumblr

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Hey folks, I’m trying out Tumblr for a while.

DeArmond M75 Upgrades

•July 21, 2010 • 2 Comments

Several years back I got a Moon Blue DeArmond M75 guitar as payment for some studio time.  It was in pretty bad shape; it had a bad nut, crappy tuners, terrible action, terrible intonation, and a big gouge on the back.  Despite all these flaws I could tell that the base guitar was actually pretty special.  When I found a position that I could play in tune it had a great tone and the neck was straight.  I figured it could either be a good base for a dedicated slide guitar or, with some work, a good Gretsch Duo-Jet stand-in.

It sat in its case for about seven years until recently my favorite luthier, Gary Rosier, struck out on his own and his lead-time fell to a reasonable time.  It used to be six to eight months(!) but now was six to eight days.  I gave him the guitar and told him what needed to be done.

He replaced the nut, fixed the gouge, and intonated the guitar.  What I got back was amazing!  It inspired me to continue the upgrades and I made the following list and started upgrading, I’ve checked the completed upgrades:

  1. Sperzel Tuners
  2. Graphite Nut
  3. Graphite Saddles
  4. Straplocks
  5. Chrome Knurled knobs
  6. Custom Pickguard
  7. Dampened Tailpiece  ☑
  8. Bourns 500k A-Taper pots
  9. Bourns Push-Pull Pot for Series/Parallel
  10. Gretsch Duo-Jet HS Case

In the end I will probably spend nearly as much in upgrades as the entire guitar is worth, but nothing should stand in the way of great tone (and fun). I’ll post a pic as soon as it is finished.

Rhythm of the Tides

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Another new song!  Yay!

Rhythm of the Tides

This one is a rollicking amalgam of funk, ska, rock, prog, and pop.  It makes me want to get up and shake my ass.  Keep an ear out for the funky clavinet that leads into the chorus, it makes me laugh every time.  The bridge is supposed to evoke the sun sparkling on ocean waves.

Falling Apart

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Falling Apart is the title of Mojo Philter’s new song.  To the right you’ll see a link to a page called “Jukebox“, I’ve added our kick-ass new song.  It’s funky yet sad,  so you can cry and dance simultaneously.

Falling Apart features Farris on vocals, she also recorded vocals for three other Mojo Philter songs and I’ll add them over the next few weeks.  Since Farris is currently living in Kenya, we are going to try to keep what we do musically as open as possible.  So we’ll have instrumentals, as well as various guest vocalists, and we’ll go where the music takes us.  We figure that since we are beholden to no one, why should we follow a formula?

Anyway, we really dug making it, we hope you dig it too.


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What a busy past few months!  Huge project at work finally finished it took up most of my spare time.  Everything suffered because of it; family, friends, band, camping, health, haircuts, yard, you name it.  Now it is done and I can get back to the fun stuff.

The stars aligned and Mojo Philter had another vocal session today and we finished vocals for the last two songs.  I will have everything mixed and posted for all to hear by next weekend.  I think it is sounding really cool and I’m excited to hear what people think.

We also moved into a new practice space in hopes that it would be a little bit cooler, temperature wise, than Lucky 13.  It isn’t.  It is bigger, and sounds better (after I acoustically treated it) but it is still hotter than hell.  The real kicker is that it seems to be wetter in our new room, yes wetter.  We all sweat when we practice and in this room it stays, everything feels damp when we are done.  It is really quite disgusting.

Gotta go mow the lawn…

…Okay, I’m back.  So I’ve got to say that it is really frustrating to have all the music recorded for our demo in March and not be able to finish vocals until July.  The whole reason I have a home studio is so that I can record stuff whenever I want.  Now I’m fully aware of all of the legitimate reason as to why it took so long, but that doesn’t mean I like it.


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So busy, everything happening at once.  To my readership of 4; please forgive my inattention.