Running Recording Update

Recording guitars and keys now, trying to finish by end of week.

I worked on What Happened to You? last night and it is sounding freakin’ epic.  Seriously, the last chorus is ridiculous, complete with harmonized guitar leads and a Big Rock Finish!

Adrenalin, now in song form!


~ by Cram on March 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Running Recording Update”

  1. Well? I’m waiting. 🙂 Seriously, you guys were awesome. I would actually buy a CD, and since I just pilfer most of my music from the internet, that is saying something.

  2. Thanks Larry! We are caught in scheduling limbo. Everybody is traveling and we can’t get aligned. Everybody is back in about two weeks so I’ll be able to finish up vocals and mixing.

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