Mojo Recording

We just finished tracking drums for four songs:

Rhythm of the Tides

Falling Apart

Kingdom Come

What Happened to You?

We’ll lay down bass sometime next week. Atom took some photos, I’ll get them up as soon as I can. We decided to go for a rougher, more spontaneous feel instead of a produced sound. The music we’re doing kind of calls for that approach in my opinion. So in that spirit I used a three mic technique on the drums with a lot of room sound. Very much an old-school late 60’s technique. One mic in the kick (AKG D112) and a pair of condensers (AKG C451B’s) in an XY pattern (as well as some of my own special sauce) to mitigate phase errors . It sounds very Muscle Shoals. We had Reh and Atom playing along to further contribute to the more “live” feel.

My front room is an incredible sounding room and I usually record drums there, right in front of the rock fireplace. But instead of recording there like I did for Gina French and James Woods I packed up a mobile version of my studio and we recorded in our practice room. I’m really liking the idea of doing more down-and-dirty style recordings, it feels a lot more casual. Plus it would be fun to pack up the studio and record in some nice old church or something. Make recording more of a fun get-together, rather than a stressful event.

Photos:  Atom Holiday


~ by Cram on March 1, 2009.

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