Running Recording Update

•March 11, 2009 • 2 Comments

Recording guitars and keys now, trying to finish by end of week.

I worked on What Happened to You? last night and it is sounding freakin’ epic.  Seriously, the last chorus is ridiculous, complete with harmonized guitar leads and a Big Rock Finish!

Adrenalin, now in song form!


Demo/EP Progress

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Got bass recorded on Saturday.  Nothing of note happened except for one amusing little thing.  I got Rehan all set up and I couldn’t get any signal.  I had tested all my cables and connections the night before so it’s not that I wasn’t prepared.  So I retested all the cables, still no signal.  Rehan says “I can see signal on my stuff.”  Checked my patch bay, fine but still no signal.  Rehan says “I can still see signal on my stuff.”  So I pulled out the rack and started tracing connections, all fine, still no signal.  Rehan says “I’m still seeing signal on my stuff.”  I check my software connections, all good.  Rehan says “I can see signal on my stuff, oh wait, I have my tuner on and that bypasses the output.”

All told, the troubleshooting took about 45 minutes…  Sigh.

Mojo Recording

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We just finished tracking drums for four songs:

Rhythm of the Tides

Falling Apart

Kingdom Come

What Happened to You?

We’ll lay down bass sometime next week. Atom took some photos, I’ll get them up as soon as I can. We decided to go for a rougher, more spontaneous feel instead of a produced sound. The music we’re doing kind of calls for that approach in my opinion. So in that spirit I used a three mic technique on the drums with a lot of room sound. Very much an old-school late 60’s technique. One mic in the kick (AKG D112) and a pair of condensers (AKG C451B’s) in an XY pattern (as well as some of my own special sauce) to mitigate phase errors . It sounds very Muscle Shoals. We had Reh and Atom playing along to further contribute to the more “live” feel.

My front room is an incredible sounding room and I usually record drums there, right in front of the rock fireplace. But instead of recording there like I did for Gina French and James Woods I packed up a mobile version of my studio and we recorded in our practice room. I’m really liking the idea of doing more down-and-dirty style recordings, it feels a lot more casual. Plus it would be fun to pack up the studio and record in some nice old church or something. Make recording more of a fun get-together, rather than a stressful event.

Photos:  Atom Holiday

Shots From Mojo Show

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Photos:  Juan Manuel Morales

What did you get for Valentine’s Day?

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Post Gig Thoughts

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We were a little nervous, but we still rocked.  We drew pretty well for being an unknown band playing on a Wednesday.  I think we even got paid!  We took some video and got some pics.  If there is anything worth seeing, I’ll post it for everyone’s amusement and ridicule.  It was great to see some long-time friends at the show and I hope that I didn’t embarrass them too badly with my rock-n-roll affectations.  I didn’t get into a fight or take my shirt off, so I’ll chalk it up as a win!

Here is our set list from the show:Urban Lounge Set List

We ended up skipping Falling Apart due to time constraints.

Tonight’s the Night…

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We are ready to rock tonight @ The Urban Lounge.  Nobody knows who we are, no one has heard our stuff with vocals, we have an opening slot usually reserved for unknown’s, we are playing for a very short amount of time, and we’ve been out of the scene for eight years; we are the archetypal dark horse.  Our set list has a wide variety without being schizophrenic (I hope).  We have another 7 songs that are in various states of completion, but I think the chosen 7 are strong.

I’m excited we are finally getting Mojo Philter off the ground.  Hopefully I can avoid the mistakes I made with Honest Engine.  I figure since I’m just the guitarist this time around instead of the lead-singer/lyricist/guitarist/front-man/band-leader/publicist/engineer/producer/graphic artist/etc. it’ll be a bit easier!