What a busy past few months!  Huge project at work finally finished it took up most of my spare time.  Everything suffered because of it; family, friends, band, camping, health, haircuts, yard, you name it.  Now it is done and I can get back to the fun stuff.

The stars aligned and Mojo Philter had another vocal session today and we finished vocals for the last two songs.  I will have everything mixed and posted for all to hear by next weekend.  I think it is sounding really cool and I’m excited to hear what people think.

We also moved into a new practice space in hopes that it would be a little bit cooler, temperature wise, than Lucky 13.  It isn’t.  It is bigger, and sounds better (after I acoustically treated it) but it is still hotter than hell.  The real kicker is that it seems to be wetter in our new room, yes wetter.  We all sweat when we practice and in this room it stays, everything feels damp when we are done.  It is really quite disgusting.

Gotta go mow the lawn…

…Okay, I’m back.  So I’ve got to say that it is really frustrating to have all the music recorded for our demo in March and not be able to finish vocals until July.  The whole reason I have a home studio is so that I can record stuff whenever I want.  Now I’m fully aware of all of the legitimate reason as to why it took so long, but that doesn’t mean I like it.


~ by Cram on July 26, 2009.

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