Happy New (Fab) Gear!

My wife got me a new amp for Xmas.  Well, to be more accurate, I got a new amp and told her it was my Xmas present.  I also got it way early and have been using it with the band for a while  (I mention getting the Vox a couple posts ago).  So, she never actually even saw the amp that she got me, she’s just been hearing about how great it is and how she has excellent taste in amplifiers.

So that means the Fender is no longer my main amplifier, I’m officially a Vox man.  Seriously, I never want to play a different amp, this thing is the shit.  This is the Vox AC30 Custom Classic amp, basically an updated version of the same amp the Beatles used.  “Updated” is normally code for “suckified” but thankfully not in this case.



~ by Cram on January 12, 2009.

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