Out with the old, in with the “older.”

I’ve been using the same amplification setup for years and years.  Digitech 2101 into an all tube Peavey 120/120 into two custom 2×12’s.  I found what works for me and stuck with it.  I’m not the only guitarist like that, surprisingly we axe-slingers can be a conservative lot.  Recently on a whim I tried a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube at the local guitar mecca, Guitar Czar, and everything changed.  This pedal is [insert fave over-the-top-descriptor]!  


This one pedal changed my entire setup.  No longer am I using a rack system.  I went back to my old ’68 silver-face AB763 Fender Bandmaster and pedals.  That worked great for a few practices but then I tried a friend’s Vox AC30 and more changes followed.  I’m now using a Vox AC30 with an extension cab and pedals only.  About as traditional and as purist as can be.  I’m basically back to a system similar to what I used when I started playing guitar:  Combo amp and pedals.  This is all due to one pedal; amazing.  I’m also using the cool Voodoo Labs pedal switching system as well, I can’t give enough praise to Seymour Duncan and Voodoo Labs, they have literally changed my musical life.  Here are photos of my interim setup before I went to the Vox.

The Twin Tube and friends

The Twin Tube and friends



68 Bandmaster and Custom 2x12s

'68 Bandmaster and Custom 2x12's


~ by Cram on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “Out with the old, in with the “older.””

  1. The Seymour Duncan delay is amazing too. Their new pedal line is really quality. I like your silverface Bandmaster. I’ve been using a 70s bandmaster reverb in a rehearsal studio and I really dig it. Super underrated amps!

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