Mojo Philter Update

Lots going on, the band has been auditioning lead singers over the past few months and we think we have found one.  Her name is Kathleen and she’s got a cool vibe going on.  We threw her in the deep-end during her audition and she swam.  We invited her to practice and I taught her the lyrics and melodies to two songs, then called the song, counted in, and off we went.  She handled it just fine.  In fact she was immediately writing lyrics for a verse where I hadn’t gotten very far.

She reminds me of a cross between Natalie Merchant and Alanis Morrisette.  She’d probably hate either comparison, but whatchagonnado?  I’ve always felt that Mojo Philter needed some yin to balance our yang, and I think the addition of Kathleen takes care of that.

I can tell already that it will be a bit of a tough transition for me.  I have very specific ideas about lead vocals and vocalists, but I recognize that a lot if that is personal art and style.  Kathleen has her own thing going on and I can’t stifle her approach and view.  I feel like I kind of overwhelmed our previous vocalist trying to turn him into something he wasn’t.  I can be pretty alpha when I want to, and I’ll have to keep that tendency in check.

I have set a tentative “gig ready” deadline of Nov 1.  I want us to be able to do openers by then.  An opening slot requires 8-10 songs.


~ by Cram on August 1, 2008.

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