Good Day At The “Range”

I decided that I wasn’t going to shoot at the usual locations today. HGC is a mud-hole right now, I don’t like Doug’s, and Get Some looked crowded. I threw a bunch of stuff in the Rover and headed West. I got to the Grantsville exit and scouted a couple of locations until I found an isolated horseshoe canyon. I obviously wasn’t the first one to find this spot, there were hulls and brass all over the place. I set up a folding table and got down to business.

I brought my:

STI Spartan

SA Loaded

Para Nite-Tac

XD Service

Beretta PX4

Saiga 12

Remmie 870 w/compstock

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and not only have I not had time to shoot (it has been months), but the SA and the Beretta aren’t even broken in yet. Today was the day to start to take care of that problem.

Here’s the odd thing; apparently the time off was good for me. I shot better than I ever have. I couldn’t miss. I was tearing the centers out of targets, running cans up the hill, obliterating hand thrown clays.

Ran through ~1000 rounds of .45, mostly through the SA and the Beretta. Nary a hiccup. At first I experienced a little trigger sting from the Beretta but it stopped after about 50 rounds. The SA ran like a swiss watch, the trigger is really nice now that I swapped out the ILS and have run a few hundred rounds through it. It is almost as good as the STI, almost.

I had been contemplating getting rid of the Para because I just couldn’t get used to the LDA. Well, that plan is off; it didn’t bother me one bit this trip. I kind of just stopped thinking of it as a “1911 with a funny trigger” and thought of it as part of the same family as the XD and PX4. Strange how a little change in perspective can have wider ramifications.

The Saiga just gets more fun the more I shoot it. I bought it primarily as an HD gun, but I may have to pattern it. I think I could hunt with this thing. BTW the 10 round mag is such a riot. If you have a Saiga 12 you must buy the big mag, it is so worth it. I was only planning on going through a box of shotgun shells, but I was having so much fun I went through all I had (6). What is that, 150 rounds?

I was planning on taking a few pics too, but instead I just shot and shot and shot.

What a day!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in Germany and Chicago, I’ll post updates and put up some pics over the next few days.


~ by Cram on March 29, 2008.

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