Lil’ Help For Fellow Gunnies

I have come up with a pretty good solution for storing/transporting my semi-autos. SKB makes a wheeled case that is ideal for this application. You can get the SKB 3i 2011 at your local Guitar Center. It is nearly identical to the Pelican 1510DF but cheaper and GC always has them in stock.

So on to the work I’ve done for you. đŸ˜‰

With this case you also get diced foam inserts that are rectangular; 41 squares wide (x axis) and 23 squares high (y axis). Count 3 squares from the left and top edges of the foam for your starting point. Then remove 17 squares on the y axis by 2 squares on the x axis. This will give you a slot that a 5″ 1911 will slide into upside-down. A 4″ poly gun like a Springer XD or Beretta PX4 requires 14 squares on the y axis and 2 squares on the x axis. By spacing every 3 squares and creating another slot, you could fit up to 7 well-protected 5″1911’s in one case.

The beauty is that you can fit your magazines in the same size slot. You can fit 10 single-stack 1911 mags in a 17 by 2 slot, or 5 double-stacks in same. Or for more protection; one single-stack mag can fit in a 1 by 3 slot, one double-stack fits in a 2 by 3 slot.

Note 1: You can increase the number of magazines if you go 3 squares on the x axis and put the magazines in side-by-side. The downside to doing this is that the slot is now item specific instead of generic.

Note 2: Resist the urge to reduce the spacing between slots to less than 3 squares, you lose too much support by going less.

*OPTIONAL*Once you have created the slots in the two layers of diced foam, spray glue the two layers together and let dry overnight. This lends a lot of extra support and basically welds the two layers into one solid piece.

I’ve had to order a few new sets of foam to work out this arrangement, now you don’t have to.



I’ve gotten some comments and suggestions concerning moisture control for this project. Desiccant packs work well and can be microwaved for re-use. Also silicon impregnated Gun Socks have been recommended as sleeves to control oxidization. Both very good suggestions.


~ by Cram on March 1, 2008.

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