NAMM ’08

Just got back from the NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants). This show is always interesting. It is more of freak show rather than a business show. I’ve been to so many of these now that I really have lost count.

Remember all those guitars that gave you VD and the strippers that gave you splinters (and vice-versa) back in the ’80’s? Well, they are alive and marginally well; congregating at the NAMM show. What ever happened to that spandex-clad-poofy-haired-she-male guitar hero from the’80’s? It(S)He is over in the Schecter booth wanking furiously: Wheedly-wheedly-wheedly-wheedly! Surrounded by a crowd of 50-somethings with dyed black perms bobbing their heads and grinning appreciatively. Their lips stretched across their dentures like latex over a proctologists sweaty hand.

The strangest are the aging groupies -no, scratch that. The strangest are the decrepit hair-metal geezers that apparently find aging groupies attractive. It is almost as if they find the groupie uniform attractive: fishnets, leather mini, red satin bustier, knee-high stiletto boots. Somehow, they are able to ignore the veined, puffy, used-up female barely stuffed into the uniform.

Fortunately, among all this dross, there are still exciting products being produced and exciting music being made. I took some shots of the things that caught my eye. Obviously there aren’t any shots of the many wasteoids I saw, not enough space on my memory card…

New Suhr amp that blew my mind, 15 and 30 watts of pure tone.


Amazing guitars from Gerard Melancon:


Steve Adelson jams at NAMM on his Stick


Stu Hamm, great bassist.


Graham Blyth, founder of Soundcraft


Here are some after-hours and jam-session shots:




~ by Cram on January 25, 2008.

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