Monster Hunter International

My buddy Larry Correia just finished his first book Monster Hunter International, and it is a doozie. Here is my Review:

Nazi Vamps Must Die

Monster Hunter International is Punk Rock in book form, DIY in every sense. Fueled by a diet of b-movies, Lovecraftian Cthulu mythos, snappy merc-speak, gun-culture, and twisted humor. This book is a riot from the first snotty chord of the opening fight sequence to the final mosh-pit of pagan power plays.

Corriea takes on every expectation, every horror-movie cliche; plays them and then smashes them onstage. Each time I thought I knew where the tour bus was heading it veered off onto a dirty, dark, bumpy road. Sardonic humor peeking through the oppressive kudzu-draped trees like flashes of sunlight.

The state slogan: Share the wonder that is Alabama takes on a slightly different, slightly insane tone after reading MHI. Other-dimensional time-bubbles would be a great tourist attraction.

Except for all the killing.



~ by Cram on January 10, 2008.

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