Merry Giftmas And A Happy New Beer

The gifts were plentiful, too plentiful. how do you tell someone to chill-out on the gifts. “No please, no more generosity, I can’t take any more free stuff.” The in-laws have gone baby-ballistic, neo-natal-nutso, bambino-bonkers, infant-insane, kid-crazy, and lad-loopy. I know that this is what grandparents do, but some modicum of willpower must be exercised. I don’t want to be forced to be the bad guy, but I might have to put my foot down.

For giftmas I got my wife this:


I first checked it out at the Apple store in Manahttan and was impressed with both the audio quality and the design. She got me a comfy leather club chair.


I’ve got it set up in my studio and I can’t wait to fire up a cigar, pour a scotch and just sit.

We got the kid this:


By far the best gift we received was a night out. G-Ma and G-Pa watched the little hellion for a couple of hours while my wife and I went to dinner. We got to do adult things again for a change. We went to Tiburon, one of our favorite restaurants. I had the steak and foie-gras and my wife had the elk. She also had the chocolate mousse and it had the best presentation I’ve ever seen. It looked like a verdant forest floor in a glass. I know that the description doesn’t sound appetizing, but it was truly fantastic.

Happy-Merry to all.


~ by Cram on December 28, 2007.

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