Slippery Slope Is Real

The U.K. is now set to ban imitation swords. How far will U.K. subjects allow this to go? Will sharp pointy sticks be next? I have many friends in the U.K. and I can promise that discontent is running high. They are polite about their discontent (they’re British after all) but they are unhappy. Crime rate keeps going higher, with no end in sight and the honest subjects have no means to defend themselves.

I’ve been over this and similar topics many times with my brothers from ol’ blighty. One of my British friends kept telling me about how their cops didn’t carry guns. But on my last visit I kept pointing out to him all the cops that were armed, auto MP5’s, H&K’s, and Glocks. The cops here in the U.S. don’t even carry automatic weapons. Apparently this was a shock to him (and others), seems the national myth of unarmed Bobbies is strong. Strong enough to blind him to what was plain as the nose on his face. Now in the U.K. everyone is armed except those who need to be. This generated no small amount of grumbling and discontent and then the subject of taxes came up.

Everybody knows that the U.K. tax rate is high, but they also have a bunch of stealth taxes. The one that got everyone’s knickers in a twist was a congestion tax. If you travel into London you have to pay a fee to “use the roads.” Y’know the same roads they already pay taxes for. I was shocked but was assured that is was the same as toll roads in the U.S. “No, it isn’t” I replied, “toll roads are privately owned and maintained.” A distinction without a difference, or maybe it makes all the difference?

Next on the plate was health care. I’ve been told over and over again by various talking heads in the U.S. that the British health care system is superior to the U.S.’ Except for one little thing; it isn’t. I have another British buddy with a pretty serious health issue. He has to stay here in the U.S for as long as he can because he can get the treatment he needs under our company insurance policy. Treatment he tried and failed to get in the U.K. Not only wouldn’t his insurance in the U.K. cover it, the treatment wasn’t even available. It seems that we have another national myth. Sure anyone in Britain can walk into a clinic and get some aspirin, but for anything more serious, or out of the ordinary, you are shit out of luck.

Again, how far will U.K. subjects allow this to go?


~ by Cram on December 12, 2007.

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