More pics of my kid.

Less than 5 minutes old on the weighing table, he gripped my finger quite hard just after I took this shot. I’m pretty sure that means he is going to be a genius.


My ferocious goddess and her titan offspring.


The first time Grandparents. This is the first time my FiL has ever held a newborn. He only held his kids after they were a month old. He claims he was afraid that he would drop them, I think he was afraid of getting puked on.


He’s got the correct position with his picking hand, his fretting hand needs some work.


As per suggestions from many friends, the day we came home I read The Sneetches to Cole. He fell sound asleep before I finished the first page, but I finished reading it to him anyway while my wife softly cried next to me.Thanks for everyone’s kind words and suggestions, I’m going to try a catch a quick nap.


~ by Cram on December 4, 2007.

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