Tonight’s The Night

We (Mojo Philter) are going to record our rough demo tonight. It is going to be a simple capture of a practice so we aren’t going to win any Grammies. I’m not expecting much, but hopefully one or two songs sound good enough to post here for scrutiny and ridicule. I have the capability to rack up my entire studio and take it down to the practice space, but that is overkill for the purposes of this demo. I’ll just put up a couple of mics, use the Lexicon Omega, and my MacBook Pro to capture a stereo submix off of the mixer. If we like what we hear then we’ll start getting ready for a full-on recording session for my label; Cypher Records.

I haven’t mentioned my other musical project yet; The Flat Earth. This project is a solo thing at the moment, but I’d like to get a band together someday. For The Flat Earth I play the Chapman Stick as well as a bunch of other instruments. The Flat Earth is a lot more experimental than Mojo Philter but just as much fun. It gives me a chance to get some crazy music out of my head and into yours. It is also another outlet for my photography and haiku hobbies. Speaking of the Stick, I produced and released a cool Stick player compilation CD a few years back that is still available; The Stickwire 2002 Compilation. It has a bunch of Stickists from all over the world on it, including The Flat Earth.


The above is a pic I took of Bob Culbertson at the Stickfest in Ann Arbor.

BTW, I’ve never used so many links in one post in my life.


~ by Cram on November 15, 2007.

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