California Microstamping

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”
–Lao Tzu

California recently passed a law that all firearms manufactured after a certain date will be required to include the technology to microstamp an identifying mark on each case fired. Nevermind that the technology has yet to be shown viable, nevermind that the millions of guns in California do not sport this “feature,” nevermind that the technology is easily defeated, and nevermind that criminals will simply use stolen guns and/or guns that don’t microstamp.

This vaporware technology is already owned and patented and it would have to be licensed by any gun manufacturer that imports to California. There is a bit of talk going around about the impact (or lack thereof) of a single firearms manufacturer boycotting California as a result of this muddle-headed legislation. Barrett already boycotts California, and now STI has joined them. Whether or not boycotts of California by smaller companies will have any appreciable impact, or whether or not these companies had any volume sales is beside the point. Principled stands often seem like useless gestures, especially to those who no longer have principles. I will support STI’s principled stand with my wallet.

I am Spartacus.



~ by Cram on November 13, 2007.

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