Bug Killah / Elephant Eater

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

We are in the middle of hardcore de-bugging mode at B.A.D. We have a little extra built-in time this cycle for some usability and aesthetic changes. So in addition to helping kill bugs, I get to try to have the coders add some long-desired enhancements. I’m going to keep the ratio of submitted bugs 10:1. 1 enhancement request for every 10 real bugs, otherwise the coders will start to ignore me if they think I’m just shooting for a s’hload of enhancements.

During this time in a software development cycle you have to be careful who you talk to about a bug. If you submit a serious bug to a coder, he says “sure man, add it to the database and I’ll get to it.” If you discuss a bug with your boss, it turns into meetings and additional assigned tasks, and the bug may or may not be related to any of these meetings and/or tasks. In other words: If it is crunch time, bottom-up task resolution works much better than top-down. I could make all kinds of political and relationship analogies at this point but that would be gilding the lily.



~ by Cram on November 8, 2007.

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