Belated Manhattan Trip Report

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating on my Manhattan trip report because I’ve been trying to process how I feel. I think I’ve got a handle on it now. It has taken me a few visits there, but I have enough data to state that I just don’t like Manhattan. It is oppressive, stinky, crowded, humid, expensive, and unfriendly. I became more and more of a jerk the longer I stayed. You have to become a jerk to just get by; I imagine you’d have to become a massive douche to succeed.

I asked quite a few people how they can take the buildings leaning over you day in and day out. They said that they can always escape to Central Park. So I checked out Central Park in hopes of finding some peace and surcease. Instead, I found it depressing. It was just as stinky, crowded etc as the rest of Manhattan just in an incongruent setting with manufactured “nature” and artificial “waterways.” I would rate its ambiance on par with our local homeless park: Pioneer Park, but with a stronger more pervasive fecal odor that you can actually taste.



At Central Park I sat on a rock by what was probably meant to be a tranquil pond by a walkway bridge. The dead duck floating in the stagnant gray-brown water littered with cigarette butts and the constant stream of people everywhere may have masked the tranquility somewhat. I tried to take a few pictures of the bridge and pond, but I realized that a more beautiful setting was waiting for me at home. I can literally drive 10-20 minutes in any direction in Salt Lake City and find natural beauty. I have been all over the West and I know that this is the norm everywhere except Central Nevada. Sorry Battle Mountain, you too Ely.

Alright, enough of that.

I ate at some great restaurants like Koi and Freeman’s. Freeman’s deserves special mention because of its location down an alley in the Bowery on the Lower East Side. No signs, no address, located a few hundred feet down an alley. The food was spectacular and the décor was straight out of David Lynch movie; taxidermy everywhere, distressed wood and exposed plumbing.

Listening to the new Lexicon PCM 96 at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was also able to check out the legendary Manny’s Music and Sam Ash music stores.

Finally, another memorable experience was trying to flag a cab by the Javits Center amid a crush of people, torrent of honking cars, tall blank buildings, threatening rain; a lone butterfly floated down through the man-made glass and steel valley and landed on the only flower in a cement pot full of weeds.


~ by Cram on October 26, 2007.

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