Mojo Demo

Back home and ready to rock.

Now that my traveling will taper off for a few months it is time to get the ball rolling on the band. I want to get a rough demo together so that I can fit lyrics and melodies to our existing music. Especially since “the kid” is only a month away. I figure that my time and energy will be pretty limited for a while and I don’t want the band’s progress to halt.

We had practice last night and we were a little rough since it has been weeks since our last rehearsal. If we can get our schedules to mesh and get a regular weekly practice instead of these random sporadic evenings, we will be able to crank it out. Despite a rocky start we warmed up and it was sounding great. Atom is getting his keyboard rig figured out and he’s getting some sick sounds. It now consists of a re-finished Roland Rhodes (orange Tolex and orange sparkle paint!) being used a MIDI controller for Logic8, Korg CX3, Moog Little Phatty w/additional remote MIDI controller. His Moog solo on the song Failure had us all in stitches.

The demo will be just a couple of mics put up for a rough capture of practice for us to critique and to help me write, but if any of the recordings sound decent I may make them available on our MySpace page.

But don’t hold your breath.



~ by Cram on October 17, 2007.

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