All Faders Up

Introductions are in order:

My name is Cram, I live in Utah, and I’ve been making rock & roll-ish noises since I was fifteen. A lot of unbelievably insane things happened before fifteen, but the moment I first plucked a string was when I believe that I truly began to exist. Let’s allow past details to unfold as they will, I’ll try to concentrate on recent events.

Right this second I am the guitarist and vocalist for a band called Mojo Philter (a-ha!). This band was started by a long-time friend and bassist who I’ll call Raygun until he gives me permission otherwise. Raygun is a great player and was/is the bassist for many local bands and I lucked into adding him to one of my previous bands. He moved to L.A. for a few years but returned with a batch of arranged basslines that he wanted to make into songs.

At the time I was concentrating on my studio and hadn’t touched a guitar for a couple of years and I recommended a few guitar players I knew that might help him out. I certainly couldn’t do it, I was on the far side of rusty. I didn’t realize it then, but he wanted me to be his guitarist for some inexplicable reason. After he explained what he was looking for, I thought maybe I could play guitar for his new venture.

So Raygun came into the studio and recorded what he had, and I set about trying to remember how to play. Ignoring some drama and fast forward a bit and now Mojo Philter is a full band; let’s call the drummer Tre-Z, and the electric pianist: Atom. Lemme take stock of the fake names so far:

Guitar/Vox: Cram

Bass: Raygun

Drums: Tre-Z

Electric Piano: Atom

Also happening this second; I work for a company we’ll call Big Audio Dynamite (BAD for short), and my wife and I are expecting a baby boy. Some of my other interests are: photography, motorcycles, four-wheeling, prospecting, and guns. That should give you an idea of some of the topics that I’ll cover.

I think that is enough for now.


~ by Cram on September 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “All Faders Up”

  1. Wow! A blog… and a Mojo Philter blog too! I really can’t* wait until the next exciting** installment.

    **delete as appropriate

  2. Een is one* of my funny** British friends***

    *of many

    **he thinks

    ***out of pity


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